Our association

Founded in 2006, Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is a French association based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region providing support to organic processors in order to boost their economic development.

We are located in the leading region of processors , and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes is well know for its dynamics towards organic products as Drôme (one of the 12 counties of the region) is pioneer regarding since the 70’s.


Our core mission is to promote the organic sector, with a specific focus on helping our member companies develop their businesses in the different organic markets: the food industry, cosmetics, household cleaning products, wellness products and textiles.

We use our expertise to set up initiatives and measures to meet their company needs at every stage of their life cycle. 


Cluster Bio worldwide

To help companies expand abroad on the export market, a key business growth driver, Cluster Bio also offers international strategy support through a wide range of projects and events.

Market research and webinars

Our members have access to a host of market surveys covering the majority of countries across Europe, as well as a buyers database to help make that initial contact with potential partners. In parallel, we organize regular webinars giving up-to-date market information and figures.

Field trips and trade fairs

To give companies the chance to go out into the field and assess the competition, visit the organic sector’s leading trade fairs and meet buyers, we organize ‘field trips’ to target key trade points across the world and stimulate business. We have already set up trade field trips in Spain, Denmark and Japan, and each year we accompany businesses from our region in the French pavilion at the Biofach and Vivaness trade fairs in Germany. 


Buyer meetings

These meetings offer our members the opportunity to come face to face with the realities of the foreign market and the costs linked to exports, and test out their potential to start up trade negotiations.

For foreign distributors, these meetings are key moments to develop and expand their ranges with products that they cannot find in their home countries. 

They also offer golden opportunities to get to know the French organic market better, and understand how distribution is organized in France.


Buyers can find a list of all of our members, arranged by category, in our online catalogue: https://www.cluster-bio.com/fr/le-cluster/nos-adherents/.

The companies that receive our support in export strategy all emerge with the ability to adapt to the needs of international distributors on every key issue, including product quality, supply management, discounts and terms and conditions.

Contact us for more information: cgirard@cluster-bio.com